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SEO – Content is King!

When creating your website, have SEO in mind. Create useful keyword content not filler to make your site look full. The saying "content is king" is true. The actual content on your site has everything to do with your search rankings. Quantity and quality is what you need in order to keep up in the rankings.

If you are doing a site about "Search Engine Optimization", Google that phrase and look at the very first organic listing. How many times does the exact phrase "Search Engine Optimization" appear on the page.

The body text is obvious but the navigation, the footer links, the call to action links, there are so many places you can plant awesome keyword phrases that get overlooked so often. The nav and the footer links are self explanatory, but the call to actions are tricky.

Do NOT use a text link that says "Click Here", one its ominous and no one trusts those, tell the user what they are clicking, "Search Engine Optimization Info". That way you are clear to your users and your click through rates will climb and you just added another instance of your keyword in a link.

The moral of the story here kids is read your content, does it actually say anything.

Here is an exercise for you: Talking out loud, to yourself, what does your company do? Explain it just like you would if you were talking to a client. Your website should almost transcribe what you said out loud. Websites are interactive business cards, I am not going to call you if I don't know what you do or how you can help me.

The more often you update your content, the more the search engines will spider your site and walk through your content to see what it contains.

Content is King Ladies and Gentlemen, don't lose sight of that or no one will see you on the search engines!