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FREE SEO Advice from an Expert

By: Bobby Fischer

Want some FREE SEO advice... This is for all my friends that have businesses with a website or work at a company that has a website:

Take a look at the pages of your site and really look at the phrasing you are using.

I work at a web design company, so on the pages of our site, we use the phrase "web design". I do SEO, so I created pages that talk about and use the phrase "SEO". This is the easiest thing anyone can do to improve your position on Google, Bing, and Yahoo in the search results. Use the name of your product or service in the text content. That's it. Use your nouns damn it.

Don't over-do it to the point that the text sounds stupid and redundant. Write naturally and informatively just like you would if you were talking to someone about your product or service. Think about how your text sounds out loud. If it would sound funny if read aloud, you should change it.

Great Pinterest Infographic on Content Writing

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I deal with companies everyday that overlook this simple step when writing their content. Entire pages going thru services and product descriptions without ever mentioning the name of it once.

"Our products are made in the USA and are 100% organic, non-explosive, child safe, and easily stored in your wallet."

What product am I talking about?

Never said the name or what it did. I hope this helps at least one person out there. It seems trivial but when you look at a site as a whole and realize how many opportunities are missed because of this little oversight... it's staggering to think how many businesses suffer on search engines because of this.

Good luck and contact me anytime for advice or an evaluation of your own sites' SEO.