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Adwords Callout Ad Extensions

By: Carver Koch

AdWords Callout Ad Extensions & Why You Should Use Them

Earlier this month Google released the addition of callouts, an ad extension in Google AdWords that enables advertisers to display unique promotions and other information about their website, services or products with their ads.

Adwords Callout Ad Extensions

The callout ad extension essentially does what sitelink ad extensions already do, minus linking to an actual landing page. Callout ad extensions are purely meant to draw traffic based on the benefits displayed. For example, if you offer 24/7 emergency pest control services, create a callout detailing “24/7 Emergency Services” and now traffic will know you offer emergency services before even clicking. Callouts allow advertisers to display unique offers their competition can’t give.

For callouts to show up with your ads, you must have a minimum of two callouts but it’s recommended that at least four as that’s the max number that can show at once. Each callout is limited to a 25 character limit. You can also choose whether they’re account, campaign or ad group specific.

So Why Use Them?

Google added it.

Remember - Google makes money when your ads receive a click, which means they added callouts as a way to increase your ads click through rates and ad engagement. All good stuff for advertisers!

Callouts increase your ad space.

Adwords Callout Ad Extensions

When you add callout extensions to your ads, an additional line of text appears in your ad meaning you have more room to grab attention, so make use of it!

Callouts factor in to your ad rank!

Currently, not all accounts have access to callout ad extensions, but once 100% of AdWords accounts are eligible, the callout ad extension will factor into ad rankings like every other ad extension, so be prepared and activate yours as soon as you can.

You can make better use of ad text space.

One of the biggest benefits here is that you don’t have to worry about throwing in “free shipping” directly into your ad text anymore. This can be shown right through callout ad extensions meaning you now have extra room in your ad text to show more details your traffic will care about.

Here’s how to add callout ad extensions:

Simply log on to AdWords, navigate to the appropriate campaign and head over to the Ad Extensions tab. Go to the ad extension dropdown and select Callout extensions.

Adwords Callout Ad Extensions

Click the orange plus extension button and then click the plus new callout button to create a callout and customize its text and scheduling to your liking. Save your work and you’re all set to display callout extensions.

If you do not see the callout ad extension option, don’t worry. Google is rolling out this feature slowly to all accounts over the next month and will be available to all Google AdWords accounts very soon.

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