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About VisionFriendly is a niche company. "We fit nicely right in the middle," says President Rob Wenz. "Bigger companies cost more and smaller companies can't handle the various skills needed in today's world of technology and the Internet. If someone has a problem, we are there to handle it. A large company may not care or even know who you are and a smaller company is limited as to what they can do!"

Products/Services: Professional websites, website hosting, domain-name management, e-commerce, web videos, website promotion, site analysis, search engine optimization, computer repair, computer sales and networking.

VisionFriendly History: In December 1998, Rob Wenz left KPMG in Chicago to start, working at a desk in his house in Elburn. Wenz got started developing independent websites by creating, which in 1999 was named the best high school sports web site in Illinois by the Chicago Sun Times.

Over the years: has become the largest Internet company in the Fox Valley area, with more than 750 web sites developed. Located at the Aurora Airport near Sugar Grove, has grown to 16 employees and is still growing. "We are now creating nearly a web site a day," Wenz said.

Recently was nominated by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Most Unusual Thing: "While running the company out of my home, we ran out of room and had to put one employee in my bedroom closet until I found offices in Sugar Grove," says Wenz.

Secret to Success: Focusing first on the success of our customers. Then everything falls in line.

Customer Philosophy: To provide quality, support and exceptional value that is second to none, enabling us to share in the success of our customers.

Best Thing About Us: We're easy to find--just go to

(630) 553-0000

1245 E. Diehl Road

Naperville, IL 60563

Mon - Fri 8 am - 6 pm