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Building Quality Backlinks – Part 1 of 4

Blog Link Building

One method to gain natural links back to your domain is to set up a blog. If your company has several departments, then it might be a good idea to set up a blog for a few of the main departments. Be sure that you communicate with other blogs in fields that complement your business.  One thing that you could write about is industry news. Share ideas about shipping issues that you might be encountering. When your blog is new and has little following, don't try to directly sell from your blog, this can turn off visitors.

Writing reviews about similar products or services can be a good method for gaining quality back links. If you are writing your own reviews use your words carefully. Add the right mix of the few keywords that you are targeting and you will be a hit in the SERPs.

You can never say too much about content. Having quality content for your readers is a must. You have the potential to gain a very large audience, and you may only get one chance. So make it good.

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