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Should You Still Do Link Building?

By Bobby Fischer

Link Building was essential in SEO before to get attention from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now, not so much, as Google's John Mueller said directly, "In general, I'd try to avoid that". The best thing you can do to help your website's search engine rankings is work on your content. The information and the text on the pages is the primary factor for Google to rank sites well.

Stop Link BuildingWhat's the best alternative to link building?

The formula is relatively simple, if you are not ranking for a particular keyword phrase, add content talking about that phrase.

Step 1) If an entire page focusing on just that one subject is not getting you the rankings you need, add another page talking about it. Obviously, optimize the new page and submit it to Google to be indexed. Then, check your rankings for that phrase again after a month or two.

Still not where you want to be in the rankings, repeat Step 1! It's that straight forward.

Link building is no longer the answer to help improve your rankings. In fact it hasn't been for a while, but people still ask for it.

Here's the truth about Link Building

Link building still sends activity signals to search engines but to a benign effect. I refer to link building as a floatation device service to my customers. It can help keep your rankings afloat and decrease the speed of decline for an inactive website. This is no longer an effective service for improvement.  So for all our current and future customers, we recommend content improvement and expansion 100% over link building.

Google knows there are artificial ways to generate links, you can even buy them. So they are disregarding links as a primary source to gauge how well a site is optimized. The text content on your pages is truly the golden ticket to success, I hate using the term "content is king" but by gosh, it really, really is! If your content is good and people can find it on search engines, they will share it for you. So link building is free when you write good, informative content.

Our proven SEO enhancements and Search Engine Optimization methods are some of the best in the country, so listen up.

Just optimizing your site is a great service to purchase and will get you noticed by search engines, but that's pretty much it, noticed. An ongoing effort is what makes ok rankings turn into great rankings.

Here's the proof, 100% of  our clients doing ongoing SEO enhancements for more than a year have seen fantastic rankings.  There is no "if" when it comes to ongoing SEO efforts, it's now just a matter of "when". Granted the "when" is dependent on market, competition, economy, and niche.

So contact's SEO department today to find out what it would take for your website to get optimized and really start getting visibility on search engines, without Link Building!


SEO Update

Let’s assume you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. Let’s assume you know the value of using SEO to make it easy for people to find you on the internet. Now, let’s assume that you want to appear high on the first page of search engines for terms people would enter when looking for what you do.

You should then be aware that SEO is changing literally on a daily basis with new rules and techniques. Thus, staying up-to-date is almost an impossible task. So to help out, let me share with you some of today’s newest ways to help get your website more noticed.

Link Building VisualGoogle takes into account how many inbound links your website has coming from other websites. This number should be growing on a regular basis to keep search engines (Google especially) interested and re-visiting your website. Every time a search engines comes across a link to your website on someone else’s, they see you as an authority on the internet.

The more quality links you have, the more authority your website is given and your website will rank higher. Be careful, you can get too many too fast. Talk to an SEO expert before starting your own inbound link campaign.

The number one thing to help websites right now is an inbound link campaign. We call it Off Site Optimization, because all inbound links are from other people’s websites, not “on” yours.

Your website’s meta data can contain all sorts of data to help search engines rank you. There are a few that you should absolutely have:

  • Meta Title Tag – 70 characters or less and use keyword phrases only relevant to the page you are on.
  • Meta Description Tag – 155 characters or less. Use sentence structure and include keyword phrases. Just one sentence to summarize the page.

NOTE: The Meta Keywords Tag is no longer used by the major search engines. Google states outright that they do not look at this tag anymore because it was so abused. If you want to use the Meta Keywords Tag, enter keyword phrases that the content on the page represents best, 3 to 5 phrases maximum.

Your website structure and code are the bread, the text content is the butter (the flavor in the meal). You don’t mix flavors like ice cream and fish, so don’t mix your content with history and product information. They should be separate on their own pages.

Ideally, each page should be a representation of one particular keyword or phrase. The history and company information pages would use the company’s name as the keyword phrase for branding. When it comes to the content, using keywords like the product name or function is going to get better rankings than marketing terms like “high performance” and “state-of-the-art”.

Every product or service is meant to help or make things easier for someone. Always use the name of the products or services for search engines as well. Remember that search engines don’t read context, they read characters and see patterns.

On a single page, if we talk about SEO and how SEO can help and how SEO is easy and what SEO does over time, a search engine will see “SEO” several times and place our site at the top of the “SEO” search results because it knows we talk about SEO.


10 Tips for Off Site Optimization

Off Site Optimization or OSO as we call it is becoming (if it hasn't already become) the absolute best way to get your website great rankings after optimizing it. Sure the On-Site Optimization stuff is all in place, your keyword density is awesome and you have the most straight forward meta data ever. Good for you. Have a cookie.

Off-Site Optimization VisualHow much work have you accomplished in the grand scheme of a thorough SEO campaign?... Eh 28%.

The rest is in Off Site Optimization. The inbound links that you should be building exponentially as long as the site is online is what will not only build up your rankings but keep them there too.

So how do you start with this amazingly difficult task of link building? (Just kidding, its not hard, just takes time and experience, you will get better the more you do it)

1. Concentrate on Clusters, pick a word or phrase that you want to build up your rankings for while you build links to your website. I clearly do SEO so I always use phrases surrounding the SEO industry. "Links", "SEO", "Optimization", "On Site", "Off Site", etc.

2. Change Up the Wording, avoid using the same phrase on every single anchor text link you build from other websites. Search engines get wise to it and say "Boo! Not creative!". So change up the accent words in the phrase. If "SEO" is my phrase I use "SEO Guy", "SEO Expert", "SEO Guru" (I actually hate this one but I take what I can get, I am not a snob), "Optimization Help", etc.

3. Blogs are OK for Link Building, leaving comments on blogs is not an outlawed traitorous move if you want to really branch out and get a bunch of links organically. I do it all the time when the affiliate link pool is shallow. rel=nofollow links don't help things either I believe the quantity of links that come to your site help just as much as where they are coming from matters.

4. Check Where You are Linking From, if you are going to go on a directory or even a blog and get a quick backlink, look at the Page Rank and the amount of back links they have. If you are 3 Page Ranks or more above a site, and you have more back links than them, don't bother staying. It's not worth one link from a lame site. Think of it like an anchor, you are flying high and you get links from PR2 sites. You will see your PR7 drop to PR6 or PR5 if you don't cut it out.

5. Keep Records, a MS word document or Excel sheet with all the places you request links from is the easiest way. I keep a list so I can follow up and see if the links are completed. If its a popular blog that has regular posts, go back and maintain your presence on there. After a while, blogs archive and your link is buried. Keep one on the most recent articles.

Link Building Visual6. Don't be a Spammer, writing general emails with directions of what you want your link to look like on someone else's site and a link back to your fake "affiliate" section is a big No-No! Even worse is sending huge spam blasts of the email to a list of people who don't know you. I will report every email's website for spamming when I get those. I have even seen the request to trade links emails where they ask me to link to site A, and they will place my link on site Z with 500 other links on the page. Ummm No.

7. SEO People are not Superman, as much as I wish I was like the big blue and red boy scout, I am not. Search engines account for how many links you are getting and in what span of time. If you use an automated software to comment on blogs or request links or whatever in the 100's to 1000's a day or even a week, search engines will catch you and demote your links to very little value if not to no value. Organic, by hand, and legit links never get demoted. That is a gamble I am not willing to take with my clients' businesses. If their rankings disappear so does their sales. No thank you.

8. Be a Socialite, bookmarking websites is a great way to reach out and intermix your website with the big boys. That's what they are there for, search engines promote the interaction of sites and even website graders not check to see if you have a blog, a twitter account, a digg profile, and even a Facebook page. Sign up for the social media profiles everyone else is on. Its easy and you are probably already on their so make it help your website.

9. Become Shakespearean, writing articles and submitting them to e-zine websites can create much needed buzz about your company. Obviously it takes a bit of a dedicated person to write an article but if its to help your company, why not, you already know the subject, now elaborate the highlights while sprinkling in some humor. If your company is more affordable than the corporate super-power you compete with, tell people about it. If you are a niche company doing new things, people want to hear about it. Not just see a link to a random website.

10. Share the Load, I have been doing SEO for years and now Off Site Optimization has nearly taken over my life. I have trained our sales team, our employees and even our customers to post links about us when they are online "LMAO"-ing. If you have a staff, ask them for help. Tell everyone to seek out one link per day. If just one person does it as well as you. After just 1 week, your link building efforst have increased 500%. So just ask.

So that's the 10, I didn't say they are "Guaranteed for Better Off Site Optimization", I said they were tips. Now that I read this, its more like 10 thoughts on Off Site Optimization with some SEO chattering, ranting and experience. I hope it helps. Cheers!


New SEO Software for

SEO PowersuiteSEO Powersuite - Available on has recently upgraded to SEO Powersuite to assist in improving the search engine optimizations of our clients' and our own websites.

The SEO Powersuite is composed of 4 software sweets all beneficial to any site's SEO.

Rank Tracker, which reports on keyword phrases and show the fluctuation of rankings from report to report.

Link Assistant, which seeks out potential inbound links for your site as well as sends invitations to those sites for a link exchange.

WebSite Auditor, which evaluates your website's SEO and suggests solutions to improve the rankings and working potential.

SEO SpyGlass, which checks the quality and quantity of a website's backlinks and advises on which ones to keep and which ones to seek out.

The SEO Powersuite is the best SEO toolkit on the market and gives its full endorsement!

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Addding Your Link to Press Releases – Part 3 of 4

If you are a new start-up business, re-structured your organization or are getting ready to launch a new product, a press release will be one of the many actions you will take.

Check out the different options for press release distribution services online.  Many have complete package deals with tight budgets in mind.

Be sure to use good phrasing and keyword placement. Get the most out of these press releases, they can be a powerful traffic building technique.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Where will your release be distributed?
  • What formats will be used for your release?
  • Choose your category wisely
  • Drill down to the best geographical area for your business
  • Make sure you have good quality content for your release

Generating a press release that is professionally written and well formatted and distributed in the right circles wwill create a buzz around your products or services.