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SEO Success – Kitchen Remodeling in Philadelphia

In August of 2012, began optimizing long time customer and friend, Performance Kitchens. Brian Forman, the owner of Performance Kitchens, was very particular and very strategic with his decision to go after the kitchen remodeling market in Philadelphia and the surrounding townships.

We set out with this SEO in the pursuit of:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Custom Kitchens
  • Kitchen Designs
  • Kitchen Designers

Now, after a combination of ongoing SEO enhancements, as well as some good fortune with Google's Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon algorithm updates, is doing extremely well for not one, not two, but all four of their phrases are in the top 4 rankings for Philadelphia. In a market as competitive as "kitchen remodeling", the odds were stacked against the site, but with the wonderful resolve of our client and our dedicated SEO team, the site is doing amazingly.

Since 2012, nearly 50,000 users have seen because of organic optimization. We created new landing pages for people to find and enter the site through search engines. We built links on relevant, interesting articles and sites about home improvement, kitchen remodeling, kitchen design, and general construction to add additional avenues for people to find the site.

Performance Kitchens SEO Results

Here is an actual screenshot of Performance Kitchens SEO progress and as you can see, it's been a steady uphill climb with surges every so often. Including a huge improvement in January 2014.

While we haven't locked down the national market for "kitchen remodeling" by itself, we have seen glimpses in the rankings of just their core phrases breaching the first page and then trailing back down. So we know it's possible, it's just a matter of time before we reach their overall goal of "kitchen remodeling" on the first page of Google.

"We couldn’t be happier with’s SEO effort on behalf of", says Forman. “In the past year alone, we have had $132,000 in business from the website. A great return on our investment."

We are genuinely proud of this optimization and hope this shines as a true example of our quality of work, and as a great example of what is possible when customers take pride in their website and put their organic optimization in the right hands.


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