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SEO Tips for 2015

By Bobby Fischer

As search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing change their expectations and standards, so shall we adapt our websites to follow suit. There are classic SEO ideas that are still true today like 70 characters or less Meta Title Tags, or 155 character max Meta Description tags. However, some things change on search engines faster than some SEO's can keep up with. Here is an easy to follow list that will keep you honest and help your SEO stay white hat and performing well.

1. Include Keywords in Page URLs

Stop making /services, /about, /contact, /locations pages. It's useless and a pain for SEO's to redo correctly. When you are creating pages, be mindful of your page naming conventions to capitalize on a more robust keyword or branding opportunity. One of the first things search engines look at for ranking factors is the URL so get rid of weak URLs.

2. Focus Pages on One Keyword Phrase

Search engines are going to read all the pages you have built and why not have some organization and some focus. Choose one primary focus keyword per page and stick with it. Yes, you should use that phrase elsewhere but it's core definition and a full detail of the product or service should be covered in one all-inclusive page. If you can't write a solo page about a service, you should not be offering that service.

3. There is NO End to SEO, Stop Asking

I can't tell you how many times I have been asked how long SEO will take and how much more work will get a page to the top. It's not a set distance, there is no max out. You can do too much too fast when it comes to SEO, but your SEO effort should be ongoing as long as the site is live. Don't blow your annual marketing budget on SEO alone. Diversify and try new avenues and use Google Adwords, its there to help businesses get visibility quickly. Improving your quality score on Adwords with appropriate content on landing pages will help two fold, the Adwords spending will increase and your organic results can climb due to the great content. Double win!

4. Get an SSL, Even If You Don't Need One

Having an HTTPS is becoming an SEO ranking signal on Google whether we like it or not. If your website is built properly and it should have a contact form or lead generating tool of some kind to connect with your customers, an SSL is not out of the question for you. SSLs were meant for ecommerce sites collecting credit card info. That doesn't mean people don't appreciate it when they know their phone number and email aren't being distributed either. While it may be a small factor, every little bit adds up to a large chunk in the competitive world of SEO.

5. Mobile Friendly - It's Already a Thing

Google already is verifying compliance with their Mobile Friendly standards by adding a very obvious tag on mobile device search results. "Mobile Friendly" means your site meets the Google standard for mobile sizing, alignments, buttons, text size, etc. Your site already may meet the requirements but it's not hard to comply with. So take the time and get your site Mobile Friendly. It could, rumor alert, become a mobile ranking factor so it won't be a total waste if it does. Allegedly, mobile users are already trending to only click mobile friendly sites so it could be a good marketing tool as well.

Hope these tips will point everyone in the right direction for SEO in 2015.


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