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How to Use a Blog Effectively

Having a blog is like having your own news column. The subject matter should be relatively close to your products or services. The most popular blogs are ones that offer something of benefit. As in a tutorial, a comparison of products, a detailed review, and an open invitation to take part in the conversation. A call to action from the reader to close the article.

You can talk about the pros and cons of a service or product. I highly recommend making "Top 10, 20, etc." lists, people love those and they are easy to do. Making the list first gives you the outline for what you should expand on to make the post grow from just a list to an article.

You can also use the blog as a news outlet as well. If you have an announcement for your audience, your staff, or your clients that a decent amount of information needing to be conveyed. A blog is a quick and easy way to get that information out to a lot of people with little cost to you or your company.

The greatest difference in a blog from a newspaper is you can site your references and have it as a link. Why Use Blog Lists?

When you are closing the article, reiterate your title, tie everything together. "How to use a blog effectively". Then invite the readers to give feedback to help make this article into a conversation.

What is your favorite type of blog article to write? Example: Reviews, Comparisons, Top Lists, Worst Lists, Informative, Current Events, etc. And WHY do you like writing those.


New SEO Do’s and Don’ts

SEOA good search engine optimization is thorough and unique.  A bad search engine optimization is lazy, uniform and template.

Go through each item below and make sure your website falls in the "Do" column, not the "Don't".


Actions to Follow and NOT Follow

URL Do's Use Unique Page Relevant File names
Don'ts Use bland file about.htm
Page Titles Do's 65 Characters, Different Page Title on every page
Don'ts Use the same title on every page
Meta Description Do's 155 Characters, Keyword Rich, page specific
Don'ts Forget to insert it or use the same on every page
Meta Summary Do's 155 Characters, Keyword Rich, page specific
Don'ts Not insert it or use the same one on every page
Meta Keywords Do's 3 to 5 keyword phrases (optional)
Don'ts Overfill the meta keywords with words not on the page
Keyword Density Do's 5% to 10% of your content should be 1 phrase per page
Don'ts Use below 5% or over 10%, its not enough or keyword stuffing
Anchor Text Links Do's Use Products and Services in Anchor Text Links
Don'ts Use the name of your company that no on knows
Heading Tags Do's Use Keywords in 1- H1, 1- H2, 1- H3 Per Page
Don'ts Use "H" 1, 2, 3 all over a single page
Keywords in Content Do's Keyword rich content in the beginning, middle and end.
Don'ts Insert keyword rich content in lower paragraphs or content
Image Alt Tags Do's Every Image on a page should have an Alt Tag
Don'ts Leave images without Alt Tags
Image Title Tags Do's If an image is also a button, add a Title Tag
Don'ts Leave buttons without Title Tags
Search Engine Submissions Do's Manually Submit to search engines
Don'ts Use an automated software to submit to search engines
Search Engine Reporting Do's Only run a report twice a month at most
Don'ts Run the same report constantly, you will get blocked on SE's.
Outgoing Links Do's Limit outgoing links on a single page to a few
Don'ts Use only one page for all outgoing links, Link Farm!!
Meta Tag geo.position Do's Use the GPS coords for your business
Don'ts Use the companies street address
Meta Tag geo.region Do's Use country code and state ie. "US-IL"
Don'ts Use full words ie. "United States - Illinois"
Meta Tag Do's Use city location and nearest metropolis ie. "Yorkville, Chicago"
Don'ts Use just the city of your business
Meta Tag Rating Do's Use appropriate rating for content on your site
Don'ts Use a general rating so more visitors can get through
Meta Tag Country Do's Use the country your business resides
Don'ts Use the country your business deals with
Meta Tag Expires Do's Use the term "Never"
Don'ts Use a date and forget to change it,
SE's will ignore expired sites
Meta Tag Robots Do's Use if you are not writing a robots.txt file
Don'ts Use if you have a robots.txt file
Hidden Text Do's Get it off your site
Don'ts Insert it to get your keyword density up, very black hat

Do these simple steps and watch out for the Don'ts and you will have yourself a much better performing search engine optimization.

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